The PODcast, July 6″

In Part 1, Sanford’s sports talk radio show breaks down the varied approaches for the county’s three summer league baseball teams. After that, Ryan recounts his time spent last week at the Lee County Mud Motorsports Complex.″

In Part II, the guys look at the latest in NBA free agency and quickly rant about baseball’s All-Star Game. After that, it’s only perhaps the most embarrassing Sarda Segment of all time. Feel free to comment below. Can Ryan go any lower? Look out, Grace Christian basketball.



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3 responses to “The PODcast, July 6

  1. Cynthia Galyean

    Thankyou for your story on Lee County Mud Motorsports complex. As makayla’s mom I want to thank you for metioning her and how safe she is when she is racing. You are always welcomed to sit with her as she carries you down the pit.
    Once again Thankyou

  2. Haley Bryant & Anna Murr

    well first of all we WILL have a rematch and we will actually play this time and you will lose badly…. second there is no way the score was 22 to 7 since we played to 10… and you forgot to mention the fact that i (haley) did not even have my basketball shoes on and anna was not even really playing she didnt warm up her shot… cant wait for the rematch and the brazil trip and for us to come back and say what we think on YOUR podcast! thanks Haley and Anna

  3. designatedhitter

    I’m glad I’m getting to hear the real story. Seems to me Ryan forgot a lot of things. He’s gonna have a lot to own up to — and soon. Thanks for commenting, and we look forward to having you guys on the show. .

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