The PODcast returns, June 29″

In Part I, the guys return to the airwaves for the first time to break down the most recent moves at Southern Lee High School.″

In Part II, there is loads of NBA free agency talk before a quick rant about the World Cup.



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3 responses to “The PODcast returns, June 29

  1. Hack Cashion

    Can you guys possibly lower the already pathetic expectations at Southern? Are you guys already setting the groundwork to keep Paris for year 2?

  2. Hack Cashion

    No, they are not practicing right now. Paris took a vacation this week.

    Miller met with Southern Lee officials back in FEBRUARY!!!! Sort of makes you go hmmm doesn’t it?

  3. Terry T

    Great PODcast this week. I think Alex and Ryan were spot on in their assessment of Southern Lee football over the last couple of years and where it’s heading with Coach Paris.

    Coach Paris has already made a great impression upon his players. I haven’t seen the kids this excited about playing football since most of them were playing JV ball as freshmen.

    Yes, they have been off this week but, this was planned and is on the summer schedule. When they get back at it next week, they have a 7 on 7 Wed. and another a week later, followed by two jamborees in Aug.

    Given time, I think Coach Paris will get Southern Lee football back on track and the troubles of the recent past will be long forgotten.

    Bring on Friday Night Lights!

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