Danny Ainge tosses towel, and supposedly it’s a big deal

Wait a second, so this is a big deal?

Watch the video and see if you can catch Celtics GM Danny Ainge toss a towel into the air in a terribly lame attempt to distract Cleveland’s J.J. Hickson at the foul line.

Really, this is a big deal? Why?

From the AP:

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio (AP) — Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge was spotted in TV replays throwing a towel in the air to distract the Cleveland Cavaliers at the foul line.

Ainge was sitting in the first seat to the right of Cleveland’s basket. He tossed the white towel during forward J.J. Hickson’s second attempt with 1:53 remaining in the third quarter of Boston’s 104-86 win over the Cavaliers on Monday night. Hickson made his second free throw.

NBA spokesman Tim Frank said he was unaware of Ainge’s actions.

Ainge stood on Hickson’s first shot but made only slight movements with his upper body. He then sat down and clapped after Hickson missed.

Cavaliers coach Mike Brown said he saw Ainge’s towel toss.

“That was interesting to see that happen during the flow of the game, from Danny Ainge,” Brown said. “If it’s it within the rules, hey, at this time, you do whatever you can to win. As long as it’s within the rules.”

Honestly, who cares?

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