Another reason why we all love Phil

"It was a little chilly, so I threw on a jacket."

Phil Mickelson has now commented on what will become a legendary picture in Masters lore.

I think.

No matter what, it’s another way Lefty endears himself to all the anti-Tiger fans.

Heeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee’s Phil (thanks to Doug Ferguson’s Quail Hollow notebook for The Associated Press:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — One picture getting plenty of attention the day after the Masters was Phil Mickelson in a green jacket. There was nothing unusual about that except for where the photo was taken.

Mickelson was in his car at the window of a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop in Augusta, Ga.

The three-time Masters champion says he doesn’t eat a lot of carbohydrates or sugars during the tournament, which was only a problem because his kids wanted doughnuts. So he made a deal that he would take them to Krispy Kreme on Monday after the Masters.

As for the green jacket?

“It was a little chilly, so I threw on a jacket,” he said Wednesday.

The surprise was when he returned home to San Diego. His family left Augusta a few hours after going to Krispy Kreme, and when the plane landed, Mickelson noticed he had received texts and e-mails about the photo, which was taken by an employee.

“It’s fascinating because it just shows how things have changed over the last 15, 20 years since I was out on tour,” Mickelson said. “When I went to college we didn’t have cell phones, and since I’m out of college and out on tour, everybody is media now. The lady behind the counter at Krispy Kreme is media, and it’s an interesting thing to get used to.”


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