What now at Southern Lee? No one will say

For one, say, three- or four-month stretch, it would be nice for there not to be any drama surrounding the Southern Lee football program.

And yet there it was on Monday morning, a job posting on the state’s school jobs Web site for a vacant head football coach at Southern Lee High School.

As everyone knows by now, there’s only one problem, albeit a rather big one — the Cavaliers still have a head football coach.

His name, you may remember, is Eric Puryear, whose only comment regarding the latest episode in ongoing saga that has become Southern Lee football was a rather basic and straight-to-the-point one: “I am still the head coach and I am not quitting or resigning.”

Southern Lee Principal Bonnie Almond had only a few more words to say on the subject: “The advertisement put on the Web site is cautionary and due to the terms of (Puryear’s) contract and the requirements he’s got to meet by June 14.”

What is truly going on at Southern Lee is anybody’s guess. And, of course, that is nothing new.

The administrators may change, the coaches may change and the players may change — although, it should be pointed out, not as often as either the administrators or coaches seem to change at Southern Lee — but the story remains the same.

That’s not to say anybody is accusing Puryear of abusing players like parents said the previous one-year coach was doing. Not at all. Or anything like that.

But that’s the problem. Because administrators can hide behind personnel clauses and lincensures, they don’t have to tell anybody anything.

And while that may be a good rule in principle, it is probably one that should be handled on a case-by-case basis. Because when the issue is as high profile as one that affects as many different people as the status of the football coach, a little transparency would be nice.

Why? Because when little is said, a lot more is rumored. And anybody who has talked to somebody else about this story in the last couple of days has probably advanced one of those rumors. And those things spread like wildfire.

Almond has said the posting of Puryear’s job is only “cautionary.” That’s fine, I guess. But when no one is willing to explain why it is cautionary — and there was a direct “no comment” to that question —  then there are still a lot of gaping holes.

Holes that are left for teenage kids and their parents to ponder while the rumor mills are hard at work trying to fill them in.


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