Next year is here — Spring version

Call it the Addition By Subtraction year.

Oh, I’m in.

I’m all in.

Ready to go. Ready for the real games to begin. Ready to be in Atlanta when the Cubs take on the Braves on Opening Day.

Ready to believe once more.

Am I setting myself up for failure? Well, not failure so much as frsutration. I won’t necessarily be losing anything, well, other than sleep after the bullpen blows another…

But wait. You stop right there, Negativity. There shall be no room for you when it’s only March 4.

Right now there is only hope.

Yes, the Chicago Cubs played for the first time on Thursday since lazily playing out the string last October. And they looked good.

Real good.

So good that I feel like there’s a chance it could be a big season.

I know, I know. I say that every year.

But that’s what’s great about the spring.

I get to believe for a few months.

And that’s something to hold on to.

Lose that, and what’s left?


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3 responses to “Next year is here — Spring version

  1. Hope springs eternal my man. Do Cub fans come any other way than optomistic? At least this year no one is picking the Cubs to win the series. Maybe now we have a chance. I got tickets to one of the Cubs/Sox tilts in July, that should be sweeeet.

  2. Oh yeah, regarding your pic of Malcontent Bradley; did you hear he is blaming his crappy year on the team, and how they misused him? What a clown.

  3. Mike

    As the great Ron Santo says, “This is THE Year”!

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