Tiger Woods is coming back — and soon

The scandal is almost over because he's coming back to golf.

Tiger Woods is coming back — and soon.

If we learned nothing from his well-orchestrated mea culpa put on by Tiger Woods Productions LLC — it was either that or the PGA Tour which gave us the made-for-TV moment — it is that we will learn from Tiger only what Tiger wants us to know. He may sound really, really, really sorry, and maybe he really, really, really is. It’s just hard for some of us to wash away years of behavior with a 13 ½-minute towel of sincerity.

But that’s the thing. Woods probably had no other way to make his first step back into the public eye other than to read a statement, take no questions and try to sound choked up. And so his team of advisors rolled out a choreographed appearance that made Mark McGwire stand back in awe.

And so when reports surfaced Tuesday that Woods has left a family counseling center in Arizona to return home to Florida to begin a golf and fitness routine, don’t kid yourself for a second that some great investigative reporting is breaking this story. Woods’ inner circle has always been ridiculously tight — for good reason — and one must assume that it’s even tighter after recent events. So when a source close to Woods speaks with anonymity that golf is back in the picture, you can bet that leak was carefully planned.

So what does that mean? Well, it’s another first step. Float the news that he’s hitting balls again — which is exactly what was done when Tiger’s camp released photos about two weeks ago of him doing the same thing — and the news can be lightly broken over the course of time.

Tiger’s back on the links. He’s working out. He’s done with rehab facilities.

Bay Hill, Arnie’s tourney, is right down the road from Woods’ McMansion, only three weeks from now. Augusta beckons in five weeks.

We’ll see you there, Tiger.


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