John Daly says he’s done with pro golf

Here’s the video and transcript from John Daly’s interview with the Golf Channel follwing his MC at Torrey Pines on Friday, where he says he’s done with professional golf:

Golf Channel: Not a fun day out there, was it?

John Daly: No.

Q: You take anything positive away from this?

A: No.

Q: What’s next?

A: I’m done.

Q:What do you mean you’re done?

A: I’m done.

Q: Done with what?

A: Golf.

Q: You’re not going to tee it up anymore?

A: No.

Q: Why?

A: I can’t compete.

Q: Do you honestly feel that?

A: Yeah.

Q: From the bottom of your heart?

A: Yeah.

Q: It sucks, doesn’t it?

A: Yeah.

Q: Is it that you can’t compete? You’re embarrassed? Tell me, what is it?

A: Just can’t play like I used to.

Q: Have you given yourself enough time with the chances you’ve made?

A: Mm-hmm.

Q: You honestly feel that?

A: Yeah.

Q: I don’t believe you. I’m your friend, too.

A: I can’t keep taking spots from guys out here playing this bad. It’s not worth it.

Q: So go somewhere with Rick for a week and come back to Pebble. Just you and Rick.

A: No, I’m not going to take that spot away from anybody, either.

Q: So is this it?

A: Pretty much

Q: It’s either a yes or a no.

A: Yes.

Q: I don’t think your fans want you to give up.

A: I know.

Q: What do you say to them?

A: I’m tired of embarrassing myself in front of them.

Q: You’ll be missed, you know that.

A: What, for bad golf?

Q: No, for who you are as a person. A lot of people look up to you out there. What does that say if you quit?

A: I know. I just can’t do it anymore. Can’t do it anymore, bub.

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