Mike Leach’s firing at Texas Tech

If you read the statement Texas Tech put out to explain its firing of Mike Leach on Wednesday, it sounds as if the University had simply grown tired of countless affronts by Leach toward the administration over the course of nine years.

Well, OK then. So why did the University give the man a $12 million extension last year? Was it really because Leach tried to leverage public opinion and his threat of going elsewhere that led to dragged-out and seemingly contentious negotiations? And if that was indeed the case, why not let him go then and wash your hands clean of a guy who, sure, gave you plenty of football wins and prominence in college sports’ biggest moneymaker, but whose apparent headaches were still too much to bear? Take a stand then, fellas.

There’s one other question I’d like to see answered, and one that isn’t being brought up much. Tech says that more incidents have been brought to the surface in its investigation of Leach (though you’re not hearing the outcry of former players in the wake of the Adam James news a la Mike Mangino at Kansas). OK, but isn’t this the same — ahem — institution that overlooked the myriad of reported player-coach incidents when it welcomed Bob Knight with red-sweatered open arms?

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