Orange Pride! You Know!

Orange Pride! You Know!

It seems that Lane Kiffin is rocking the boat again.

Like he’s done since he’s taken over at Tennessee, Kiffin has taken what’s accepted as the norm in college football and stretched the boundaries a little. That news of an NCAA probe into the Orange Pride is more than just a tad interesting, it’s nothing new for universities to use co-eds as recruiting tools. Girls affiliated with a college have long been used to associate themselves with potential recruits by showing them around campus. In Athens, they are the Georgia Girls. In Stillwater, they are the Diamond Dolls. And so on and so on.

However, Kiffin and Co. may have taken things a little further by having girls from the Orange Pride group travel and show up at prospects’ high school games, hold up signs and, uh, whatever. That this sort of thing isn’t frowned upon more is a little lot sexist, but somehow these schools tend to get away with it. Remember the scene in Spike Lee’s “He Got Game” when Jesus Shuttlesworth is, ahem, entertained by “hostesses” on his college visit? There’s no doubt at least some truth in that.

The fact that we can speculate how much truth is exactly the problem with this kind of thing, and it sure as heck shouldn’t be happening on high school campuses.



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4 responses to “Orange Pride! You Know!

  1. Zoeller

    “However, Kiffin and Co. have taken things a little further by having girls from the Orange Pride group travel and show up at prospects’ high school games, hold up signs and, uh, whatever.”

    Clearly the coaching staff’s involvement has not been determined yet. I’m sure that is what the NCAA is trying to prove. Either you should assure your blog is accurate or explain that this is your opinion because people actually read this stuff. Especially when there is a link to this site on

  2. BEB

    Why have you already convicted CLK before the full story comes out? CLK has stated that he didn’t know about this trip. Just because the media comes out with a story, doesn’t mean it happened the way you HOPE it did.

  3. Will

    What is the point of this article? You are stating that Lane Kiffin sent these women to the game like it is a fact, and yet you have absolutely nothing to back that up. First off, the players in question had commited to Tennessee 2 weeks before these girls came to their game. So what would they have to gain here? Secondly, one of the commitments father, Charles Miller said the ladies were not wearing anything resembeling Tennessee attire. He also says the sign they were holding that supposedly said “come to Tennessee” actually just had the two players names on it.(Corey Miller and Brandon Willis) The father also said the whole trip to the game came from when Corey invited the two ladies to their game while he was on a campus visit, and that Corey and one of the girls had become friends and talked often. Finally, for you to suggest that what goes on in the Orange Pride program is anything like what happened in “He got Game” is just the lowest kind of journalism that I can think of and shows that you have no knowledge of the history and tradition of the Orange Pride Program or any others across the SEC. I attended the University of Tennessee and knew quite a few Male and Female Hosts and Hostesses, and the ones I knew were good people with good families and backgrounds, and for you to try to put them on that low of a level is just insulting.
    Yes, what these ladies did was obviously against the rules, but they didn’t know it. How did they know it was illegal to be friends with a commitment just because they attended the University? Here’s a link to the story and comments by Cory’s Father
    Maybe you should read it so you can have some facts to put in, whatever you call this. Cause it sure as heck isn’t good reporting.

  4. designatedhitter

    How do y’all feel about Kiffin now?

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