A few notes, pics and links

The women in Tiger Woods' life. His wife is in there, too, but maybe not for long.

Gatorade says it is pulling its Tiger Woods ad campaign, but that is has nothing to do with the recent scandal. Surrrrrreeeeee.

Danica Patrick is making her way to NASCAR, at least via ARCA and the Nationwide Series.

Remember "Diamond Notes"?

Very sad to see Peter Gammons leaving ESPN for the MLB Network. Especially since I don’t get the MLB Network.

This looks like a typical home game for the Bobcats...

I’ve got a Diet Coke riding on the Charlotte Bobcats beating the Denver Nuggets. Yeah, the same Kitties who lost to the Nets Friday…

I know Florida is playing Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl, but it seems to me the BCS is avoiding a mid-major gaining momentum in the argument to be considered a BCS title contender by having TCU play Boise State. Get rid of the conference tie-ins for major bowl games.

I'd be rooting for Manny...

Momentum building for a Pacquiao/Mayweather megafight. Would it be wrong for me to root against the American in that one?

I had Williams in a close one; my 6-year-old thought Martinez won.

Speaking of boxing, my 6-year-old daughter Allison was up late on Saturday night (her mom and dad had been to a Christmas — ahem, holiday — party) and hung around on the couch to watch the brilliant Paul Williams/ Sergio Martinez fight. She thought Martinez won, and I had Williams in a close fight.

The real winner though? Me. I believe we’ll be looking for a pair of kids boxing gloves for under the tree this year — just for working out on the heavy bag and stuff.

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