Tiger Woods headlines from around the world

Are all of these journalistically sound? Of course not. See if you can find my personal favorite…

By The Associated Press

Some headlines from around the world on Tiger Woods and his car accident outside his Florida home:


—”Wife Went for Tiger Over Birdie” — News of the World.

—”Crouching Tiger, hidden hydrant” — The Sunday Times.

—”Was he fleeing the ire of the Tigress?” — The Sunday Express.

—”Tell Us The Truth Tiger” — Daily Mirror.


—”Tiger Woods — Was accident a bloody marital war?” — Bild.

—”Accident: What does Tiger Woods conceal?” — tz (Munich tabloid).

—”Mysterious accident of Tiger Woods” — FAZ


—”Tiger’s Idea. A diamond to make peace with Elin” — Il Messaggero.

—”Tiger Like Kobe Bryant: a diamond for the wife” — Corriere della Sera.


—”Woods Scared America” — L’Equipe.


—”Tiger rejects the ‘malicious rumors'” — Sports daily Marca.

—”Tiger takes responsibility for the accident” — El Pais.

—”The tigress’ claws” — El Mundo.


—”Tiger Woods sheds no light on ’embarrassing’ crash” — The Australian national newspaper.

—”Tiger: “Crash my fault.” — The Age, Melbourne.


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