Tiger Woods throws club at Barclays

For some reason, ESPN’s Artist Formerly Known as Cold Pizza — First Take — decided not to show this video of Tiger Woods throwing his driver on the fifth hole at the Barclays during the second round last week.

Why they chose not to show it, I don’t know. Maybe because it’s a cell phone camera or something, but give them credit for debating the issue. Maybe they didn’t air it because it’s grainy and hard to see, but Woods slams his club unlike any time we’ve seen him do it before — and we all know how angry he can get and the profanity he can spew when he hits a bad tee shot. So this is a little jarring.

Look, I get mad on the golf course. It’s like Tin Cup said, “These are highly technical golf terms.” I’ve thrown a club before and learned a valuable lesson — always throw it ahead of you so you don’t have to walk back to pick it up. Seriously, I don’t throw clubs anymore because it’s embarrassing and I’m not good enough to care that much about a game that I don’t get to play very often.

What’s interesting about Tiger Tossing, to me, is that he isn’t embarrassed by this. There was a report that his driver struck a marshal, and a stalking Tiger, as you see in the video, walks down the fairway, leaving caddie Steve Williams to retrieve the club and deal with any carnage. You can bet that Tiger knew there weren’t any TV cameras around at this tee box, so that when he did hit a poor shot, he could let loose. I, like everybody else, love that we get to see Woods’ emotions on the golf course, that he isn’t a steely bore like Ernie Els or Retief Goosen or Vijay Singh.

But club throwing is wrong at this level, and even though he’s Tiger Woods, especially at his level.


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