DeWayne Wise makes a ‘perfect’ catch

The DeWayne Wise catch for the first out in the ninth inning to save Mark Buehrle’s perfect game on Thursday was a thing of beauty.

So often a pitcher gets all the credit for a perfect game, and to be fair, Buehrle was spectacular on Thursday against the Tampa Bay Rays, with 26 of the 27 outs coming rather smoothly.

But Wise, who was almost designated for assignment and put on waivers over the weekend, and was only a ninth-inning defensive replacement Thursday, saved the day for history with as dramatic a catch baseball has ever seen.

One more note: listen to how quiet the crowd gets as soon as Gabe Kapler hits the towering drive to left-center field. And then listen to it erupt again after the incredible catch and bobble by Wise.

What a moment.

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