John Tesh and the NBA Finals

In honor of the NBA Finals kicking off, I had to post this insane John Tesh video. You may not know it before playing the video, but Tesh wrote the old “NBA on NBC” theme song. You will know it as soon as you hear it again. Tesh calls it “Roundball Rock.”


Anyway, Tesh performs that theme at a concert in this clip, but before doing so, he goes into excruciating detail about how and when he came up with the theme, going so far as to bring out an old answering machine message in which he “sang” the theme to himself so he would remember it later. 

But that’s not the best (worst) part. The best (worst) part comes at the 1:17 mark in the video, where Tesh starts dribbling an invisible basketball as the drum intro starts, and then, to top it off, goes flitting to the keyboard.

 It’s even better (worse) than it sounds.

Enjoy, and let’s tip it up already.

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One response to “John Tesh and the NBA Finals

  1. Mike

    Thanks Alex. Whatever I do, I will never be able to get that 3minutes and 47 seconds of my life back. I can’t believe I just watched that. Furthermore, i can’t believepeople bought tickets to go see him perform. Wonder if him writing that tune is how he held NBC hostage those years he did broadcasting at the olympics?

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