Southern Lee coaching update — I guess

Below is my story regarding the “latest” involving the search for a new football coach at Southern Lee High School.

I know everybody involved is trying to be extra careful because a lot of toes have been stepped on and a lot of feelings have been hurt over the past few months in and around the Cavaliers’ program.

That said, I believe it’s time for someone affiliated with the situation to go on the record and let the people of Lee County know what happened. Why was Bill Maczko removed as head football coach? Without a statement, all we’re subject to is rumor and conjecture, and that’s not fair to anybody — not the Cavaliers’ players, the parents, the faculty, Maczko or anybody who works in Lee County Schools. What’s fair is fair, and being hung out to dry for rumors to run rampant about someone is not fair. It doesn’t look good for anybody, including those in charge.

Anyway, here is the story that appeared in Tuesday’s edition of The Herald regarding Southern Lee’s search, which I’m sure is much further along than anyone wants to admit publicly. And that is fine; that’s the administration’s prerogative. It can run any kind of search it wants to. 

It would just be nice to get a few more answers. Not just because the newspaper would like it. But because the people would.

We’ll try to follow-up on the story again soon.

Cavs hope to move quickly to find new coach



SANFORD — Still no reason has been given for the removal of Bill Maczko as Southern Lee football coach, but the school is in the hunt for a new coach with hopes of filling the position as soon as possible.


Southern Lee Principal Rob Dietrich would not comment on how or why Maczko was removed two weeks ago, but did say Monday that the school is accepting and reviewing applications for the vacant position.


“We are still in the early stages right now,” Dietrich said. “We’ve received a lot of good, quality applications. We’re confident that we’ll find someone who will move Southern Lee football in the right direction.”


Dietrich would not comment on whether any interviews have yet taken place and did not set a timetable for hiring a new coach. He did say that the school wanted to move quickly.


“We want to (hire someone) as soon as possible so that we can show the students and parents where the program is headed in a few months,” Dietrich said.


Since Maczko’s removal on May 18, Dietrich said that Southern Lee Athletic Director Cletis Gore, who has also served on the football coaching staff since the school opened in 2005, is running the offseason workout program.


Gore said that turnout for some of the workouts, which began last week and will pick back up on June 22, was better than expected.


“The kids seemed very enthused and ready to go to work,” Gore said. “We are very positive and upbeat about the summer and the upcoming season.”

Gore said he is not a candidate for the head coaching job.


“I am just holding the fort down until further notice,” he said.


After two state playoff appearances in its first two varsity seasons, which included a stunning upset of a conference champion in the first round of the tournament in 2007, the Cavaliers struggled mightily under Maczko, who came to the program as a first-year head coach on May 20, 2008, after a successful tenure as the linebackers coach at two-time state champion Cheraw, S.C. 


But Southern Lee finished just 1-9 under the embattled Maczko, who was the target of a petition circulated and signed by parents of Cavaliers’ football players. Maczko was also the subject of a concerned parent’s presentation to the Lee County Board of Education in January.


Dietrich said that he did not feel like the program’s reputation has suffered.


“I don’t think we’ve taken a step back,” he said. “We’ve got a lot very good, qualified people applying for this position. I believe all of them would do well.

“We’re moving as quickly as we can.”

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    Sorry I didn’t see this, Alex. I know you were talking directly to me.

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