President Obama picks UNC to win NCAA Tournament

“I’m going with the Tar Heels,” President Obama says.

Two things for Tar Heels to feel good about : 1). The president has beaten some long odds, and picked North Carolina to win the NCAA Tournament. So maybe the “Yes We Can” phenomenon continues. And secondly, well, what he said about Duke:

“I’ve gotta pick Duke,” Obama says to ESPN’s Andy Katz of an early-round game, to which Katz responds, “The whole way, or just here?” “No,” Obama says, with contempt in his voice. “Not the whole way. C’mon.”

Here’s some more of what Obama says about the Heels:

“Here’s what I like about Carolina — experience and balance,” Obama said.

But what about Lawson, Katz posits?

“I’m a little concerned about that,” Obama says.

And later, in picking Carolina, “I’m going with experience, and I think that Lawson is going to be healthy. That’s going to be the difference.”

The rest is just classic, especially the Arizona stuff and later Duke comments (“I think Blair is going to be the man.”). How cool is this? Give the man credit — he knows how to connect. And doing things like this, the town hall meetings and going on Jay Leno just helps.

But a warning comes through at the end:

“The Tar Heels’ fans that are watching? I picked you all last year. You let me down. This year, don’t embarrass me in front of the nation. All right? I’m counting on ya.”

Sorry, but this is cool.

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