ACC Tournament — First-Round Thoughts

Georgia Tech made me look like a fool on the first day of the ACC Tournament.

Georgia Tech made me look like a fool on the first day of the ACC Tournament.



A few thoughts from the ACC Tournament’s first day:

Yes, I’m an idiot, but I want to point a few things out, too. First of all, I can admit when I’m wrong — especially when I get slapped in the face with it. And I was wrong about Clemson’s chances of making some noise in the ACC Tournament. Here’s what I wrote on Wednesday:

No. 5 Clemson Again, a tough matchup for the Heels if they get past FSU. Forget about that game in the Dean Dome — it was only one meeting and Carolina was in a desperate situation. And it was Clemson in Chapel Hill.

I don’t like that they would have to play four games in four days, and so they’re a pick-em against FSU. But when they’re on, they’re pretty darn good. And they could catch UNC napping. 28 percent

Yes, I was the guy who thought Clemson could knock off UNC. (Note how I had the Tigers playing FSU with no problem in the quarterfinals.) I was also the guy who gave Clemson No. 3 standing in my list of potential ACC Tourney champions.

Then Georgia Tech up and made me look a lot like the idiot I am.

That said, I’d like to recall what I wrote about Tech:

No. 12 seed Georgia Tech Is it me, or does Tech seem like a legitimate basketball team for long stretches of games? So how did the Jackets only win two league games? Even with the tourney in Atlanta, the Jackets have no chance. 0 percent

OK, so the Jackets have a better chance tonight than they did yesterday. They still won’t win the tourney, but I’d like to point out that I was indeed somebody who saw something in the Jackets’ game this season. And on Thursday, we all saw it.

Which still begs the question — how did this team only win two league games?

Virginia Tech looked really good on Thursday while Miami looked really bad. Enjoy the NIT, Canes. 

And I still think the Hokies have a legitimate shot at knocking off the Heels Friday. Will it happen? No telling. Just saying it could, and to me, it wouldn’t be surprising if it did. I still think UNC will soft-pedal things this weekend. Then again, their road just got a lot easier.

Maryland picked up a nice win in a game I thought the Wolfpack would have a chance to win. That said, I thought this game was a pick-em coming in, and the result can’t be all that surprising. Just too bad State couldn’t keep the early start going.

So far, my “picks” in the first round are pretty ugly. But that’s not much of a surprise, either.

Next thing you know, Carolina will romp through the tournament with 30-point wins. And I’ll look even worse.

Oh well.


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