Danica, not in a firesuit


Danica Patrick — credible race car driver or swimsuit model?

Danica Patrick — credible race car driver or swimsuit model?

Um, this is Danica Patrick. You may have heard that she is a race car driver. Even won an IRL race last year. And this photo appeared in Sports Illustrated (albeit the 2009 swimsuit issue).

So, uh, well, that’s enough of a sports connection for me and this here sports blog.

Seriously though, does she really think this helps her credibility as a driver? I know she’s won, but she’s on the fast track to Anna Kournikova status and little else. She better start doing something on the race track to back up this kind of decision, or the one she made when she decided to sign on to become a GoDaddy Girl.

Otherwise, she’s gonna have fewer and fewer opportunities like these for us idiots to gawk at.



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3 responses to “Danica, not in a firesuit

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