The First Fan — Obama and the Tar Heels

Obama plays ball with Tar HeelsVideo: Obama plays hoops with Tar Heels

Nancy Armour of The Associated Press has written a story about President-Elect Barack Obama, and includes this great lead:

CHICAGO (AP) — The Rangers are out, the White Sox are in, and the mountain bikes are headed for the basement. As for that White House bowling alley — well, that hardwood might be in for a complete makeover.

With that in mind, I found video of when Obama visited Chapel Hill and played a pick-up game with the Tar Heels. And with the Heels ranked No. 1 and blowing out opponents by an average of 30.4 points per game, I wonder whether they’d really miss a step if he were on the floor with them.

Personally, I like the idea of a guy with a feathery left-handed jumper in the White House over the typical stretch of ugly presidential golf swings or way-too-short shorts while jogging.

And do you think, after he does get around to putting a hoop up in the White House, that Obama will play games of N-U-C-U-L-E-A-R with cabinet members?

I hope so.


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One response to “The First Fan — Obama and the Tar Heels

  1. Story

    I support the appointment of a feathery left-handed jump shooter in Obama’s Cabinet, so I think the time is right for Chris Mullin to make the move from Oakland to D.C.

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