The PODcast


Click above to hear the premiere episode of The PODcast, Sanford’s first and only sports radio talk show.

You can see in my earlier post today that we launched the show today through Central Carolina Community College’s radio station, WDCC 90.5 FM. We covered a bunch of stuff, ranging from a World Series preview to the Dallas Cowboys’ woes to sportswriter Ryan Sarda’s wet coverage of Lee County’s game at Athens Drive last weekend. 

The show starts off a bit choppy at the start on the link above, but that’s a technical difficulty we’ll iron out. We actually spent the first few minutes discussing the names for the show that didn’t make the cut, but that’s neither here nor there. The show is off the ground and maybe even running, and I look forward to next week’s installment at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Hope you enjoy.


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7 responses to “The PODcast

  1. Terry T

    Bah! The link’s broken. 😦

  2. Terry T


    [audio src="" /]


  3. Terry T

    “F” Tennessee!?!?!? Them’s fightin’ words!! Besides, my VOLS might slip up and beat ‘Bama this weekend and Fulmer will get to keep his job.

    pppfffffttttttttt… Yeah right.

    Anyway. Alex, learn to Facebook man. Eventually, you’re gonna have to give in to it.

    Looking forward to your website too.

  4. designatedhitter

    Hey, I didn’t say it.

    At least I don’t think I did.

  5. Ryan

    I’m actually a UT fan, too. Although they are always going to be #2 behind my Western Carolina Catamounts.

  6. Terry T

    No, it wasn’t you Alex. I didn’t catch the voice. I think it was in response to somebody saying UT might try to pay Butch Davis, Nick Saban money to come to UT. It actually made me laugh.

    Looking forward to next week’s show.

    Hey Ryan. I think those Catamounts could beat the VOLS this year.

    The rumors flying around on all the Tennessee message boards, are saying that if Tennessee beats Alabama, Fulmer might keep his job. If they lose, he’ll resign a couple of days after the loss.

    Wishful thinking on those who want Fulmer gone I think. I guess we’ll find out.

  7. Mike

    Enjoyed the show. You can consider me a member of the offical Podcast fanbase.

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