The e-mail — I still believe

As Alfonso Soriano tried to check his swing, my faith that the Cubs would come all the way back in the NLDS against the L.A. Dodgers disintegrated. And it drew me to my computer to e-mail my fellow lifelong Cubs’ fans friends. I’m stung, to my core, but I know one day it will happen. Maybe this is catharsis, but here is that e-mail:

trade soriano.
i mean it. he’ll never help us against good pitching, therefore, never in the playoffs.
someday we’ll win it all. i know it. we may not see it, but someday we will win.
i truly believe kosuke will have a good year for us next year. first-year free agent cubs never have a good first year. just look at d-lee. but we need OFs. put de-ro in left and put fontenot at second.
that said, we have to trade soriano and see what we can get. resign demps as long as he doesn’t ask for too much, because he’ll never have another year like this.
i could cry, but i know that this will only make it sweeter when we win. check my blog on that. we are members of the greatest fan base in sports. we must live up to it. we must continue to believe.
honestly, we’ve enjoyed the greatest span of Cubs success in a century. we can’t complain. we will win, and when we do, no team, or its fans, will deserve it more.
and when ronnie makes the hall this year, i will get credentials and i will go. and after a good long cry there, knowing what ronnie and my mom went through as diabetics, i will know that as long as he believes, we must all believe.
my mom would chagrin dad and i for never having enough faith. i had faith until soriano’s terrible final at-bat. i will continue to have faith. i will never quit on this team. we can’t. it’s what we do. it’s who we are.
guys, we will win. it just won’t be this year.
just remember, we have something ahead of us no other fan of any other team has (except for the indians) — the joy, the pure ebullience, the passion of winning the perceived impossible.
wait til next year, and if we have to, dammit, wait until the year after that. it will be worth the pain of today to enjoy the joy of tommorow.

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One response to “The e-mail — I still believe

  1. Mike

    I think now would be the best time to wear the T-Shirt that clearly states what lies in the heart of a true Cubs fan, “If It Takes Forever”.

    What do you say about officially starting the Soriano to the Giants for Matt Cain and Fred Lewis rumor?

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