Wait til next year — The Cubs’ season is over

I know the teaser on the sports page promised ramblings about all of Game 2 of the Cubs/Dodgers divisional series, but since the game was over in the second inning, I don’t feel like I have much left to give.

After 97 wins, the best record in the NL and hope that the 100 years of waiting for a World Series championship might have a chance of ending this year, the Cubs’ season is effectively over after the Dodgers clubbed them again.

What hurts so much is that the team Cubs fans enjoyed all season just didn’t show up. First Ryan Dempster, who had walked seven batters in all of September, walks seven in 4 1-3 innings of his Game 1 loss. Then the Cubs kick the ball around so much in Game 2, fumbling away chances to get out of innings unscathed, that you’d think they were throwing the game, they look so out of sync.

I know that’s not the case, but it’s obvious how tight this team is, and how much the weight of never winning the big prize bogs this franchise and its players down. They were perhaps the best team in baseball this year, but in October, they may as well have been the Kansas City Royals.

The only ray of hope Cubs fans have now is that maybe their team will loosen up away from Wrigley and win twice in L.A.

But that’s too much to ask.

Wait til next year.

I guess.


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