A few more thoughts on Brick City Bowl III


A few observations from Brick City Bowl III:

A very nice moment happened well after the game in the Cavaliers’ locker room. 

When The Brick was presented to the Cavaliers for the second time in as many years, coach Bill Mazcko said over the room that only one player deserved to hold the trophy first. 

A lot of the players hollered for Jeremy McLeod, who was certainly deserving after rushing for two touchdowns and 189 yards in the 24-6 win. 

But Maczko had other ideas. He called for injured quarterback Mike Foxx.

Foxx was taken off the field on a stretcher last week against Pinecrest and could not practice all week. He was a game-time decision to play against rival Lee County, but didn’t dress for the game and was held out. 

Foxx was the Cavaliers’ quarterback for their JV season three years ago when he was a freshman. But when Donte Alston transferred to Southern Lee the next year, he was installed as the starter and Foxx played mostly defense.

Back under center for his senior season, Foxx couldn’t go in the game he most wanted to play in.

He didn’t get the glory on the field Friday night. But he got the evening’s last hurrah.

Saturday’s paper has a sidebar about the emergence of Southern Lee’s offense in the victory. On Sunday, you’ll likely see a story about the Cavaliers’ defense.

Antonio Singletary didn’t get many mentions in the first half, but he was a beast in the second half. Twice the Jackets appeared to have drives headed for the end zone, but twice Singletary changed everything with 10-yard sacks. He changed the game every bit as much as Jeremy McLeod did.

Few will ever forget the hit Kenneth Lindsey laid in the end zone to break up a potential fourth-quarter touchdown. That play allowed the offense the seal the game on the next drive.

Jake Brower’s 47-yard field gold? Amazing. What a turning point in the game.

Great game by the Southern Lee offensive line from the midway point of the second quarter on.

Lee County has some really nice pieces. It just wasn’t their time Friday night. The season is long from over.


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