Previewing Brick City Bowl III

I’ve thought a lot about Brick City Bowl III. In fact, it’s about all I’ve thought about this week. This game does that to a sports writer.

Despite all of this thinking, though, I’m still not sure which team is going to win and claim The Brick, the trophy awarded by The Herald to the winning team.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few thoughts on the game itself:

1) I agree with Southern Lee coach Bill Mazcko that the Cavaliers need to get off to a fast start, or at the very least, have something good happen to them offensively in the early going. Southern has struggled so far this season, scoring just six points and none offensively. A big run would go a long way to them getting some confidence.

2) That said, I’ll be surprised if Lee County doesn’t put eight-to-nine guys in the box and force Southern Lee to beat them through the air. That’s not a knock on the Cavaliers’ QBs, it’s just that Southern’s most explosive players are running backs.

3) What will also be interesting to watch is whether Lee County can overcome the adversity that’s hit it this week. The Jackets are down five starters for the game, and three of the replacements are call-ups from the JV team. The Jackets are already young, and now they’re adding a freshman and two more sophomores. And it’s going to happen in front of maybe 4,000 people. Wow.

4) I think Dakota Hart keeps getting better for Lee County. He was fantastic against Western Harnett, and for the season he’s a combined 21-for-37 for 255 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions. With the way Omar Murriell is running, if Hart just does enough to keep opponents honest and takes care of the ball, Lee County will be fine.

5) Watch Southern Lee’s Antonio Singletary on defense Friday night. He might be the best player on the field.

So who’s going to win this game? I honestly have no idea. Early in the week, I figured the Jackets would win by one score, either a touchdown or a field goal. But I really don’t know. I do know that Jeremy McLeod needs to have a big night running the ball for Southern to win, but there’s a chance the Cavs’ defense helps out in the scoring department, too.

I think I’ll just watch it play out.

And then I’ll hand over The Brick to the winning team.


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