No, not now. Is Zambrano hurt?

Oh no.

Oh no.

Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no.

Big Z. The anchor. The one big-time, I-don’t-care-what-people-say-or-what-the-other-team-thinks, just-give-me-the-ball guy the Cubs have, is sore.

He was supposed to just have a tired arm.

Now it’s sore. It hurts. HE may be hurt.

Hurt bad.

Twenty-six days before the end of the season.

Carlos Zambrano, after having his start pushed back a couple of days to rest a tired right wing, left after five innings and 86 pitches on Tuesday night complaining of soreness. And he visited a doctor, and was supposed to do an MRI, but didn’t show. Gee, that’s a good sign.

Surely an MRI will be  done, but what will it show? Shoulder? Elbow? Strain? Pull? Pop? Tear?

Rest? Maybe?

And Rich Harden, who’s been the Cubs’ best pitcher since he was acquired in a trade, is having his start moved back. The club says its precautionary. He says he has felt some soreness, but that it was no big deal.

Uh-huh. And Sarah Palin is experienced.

You’ve heard all the heartache. It’s been 100 years and all that. But the Cubs have been the best team in baseball for much of the season. And now, a month before the playoffs, a mere 19 games from clinching back-to-back division titles, it could all be over.

You don’t lose an ace, much less two of them, and still win. You just don’t.

This could be it. This could be the Cubs’ season, right here in front of all of us long-suffering fans. Waiting on the results of an MRI exam. 

A few days ago, most of us were wondering about the playoff matchups, our biggest concern being that the Cubs would likely have to face Webb-Haren-Unit in the first-round, best-of-five series.

That was our biggest fear. That we’d lose in the playoffs and our World Series shot would be gone.

That fear may have arrived 26 days early.

Oh no.

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