One more thing about Paddy and the PGA

OK, one more thing about the PGA Championship and maybe I’ll shut up.

It was brought to my attention on Tuesday morning by one of my favorite people, Jerry Seaman, that a headline in Tuesday’s sports section mentioned that Padraig Harrington was no longer “overlooked” on golf’s biggest stages.

Jerry, the good man that he is, reminded me that I was one of those very people who had in fact overlooked Paddy when I wrote my Sunday column on who can win, who won’t win and who will win the PGA.


But I do want to toss out an explanation. I’m actually one of those guys who before Harrington won his first major, considered him the best player in the world never to have won one, rather than Sergio Garcia. I can even remember telling my dad a few years back, maybe even as many as five, that I figured Harrington would win a major one day. (Of course, I always thought Thomas Bjorn would win one, and then he threw away his chance to Ben Curtis in 2003. Maybe there’s still time.)

Of course, that’s doesn’t explain Sunday’s column.

What does, I hope, explain some of it is that Harrington was pretty much off the board on Saturday. He was brilliant in his last two rounds, but on particular, he was incredible in finishing his third round and playing his final round on Sunday. When you go into the weekend 5 over and eight shots back, you don’t expect that guy to fire two 66s and roar to the finish.

At least that’s my excuse.

Now, if you’re looking for an explanation for picking Phil Mickelson to win the thing, look elsewhere. There isn’t one.

Other than the fact that I’m an idiot.

But you knew that already.

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