The PGA Championship is about to begin

The PGA Championship is about to start.

Sure, the field has been through nearly 3 1/2 rounds of major championship golf, but the real tournament is actually about to begin.

While Sergio Garcia, who looks brilliant in playing the first six holes in 4 under, and Ben Curtis appear cool, calm and collected and in complete control of their games, there is a lot left to happen. As it stands now, with the leaders around the seventh hole and tied at 3 under, only four players who have played any part of Oakland Hills’ back nine are under par in their final rounds.

That’s why it’s so disheartening to see Phil Mickelson, who made the early charge he needed to, fall apart before even making it to the turn. Had he been able to post even par or 1 over in the clubhouse, there was still a chance he could have been in this thing.

Curtis and Garcia look great and are well under par. We’ll see if they stay there.

A couple more notes:

Is it me, or are there more TV commercials during this PGA than any other major championship in the history of broadcast television? What is this, a NASCAR race?

Did you see Sergio’s first-pump on the par save on 8? I think I’m going back on my Sunday column. I think he’s going to win this and finally realize his potential.

Lefty gets off to a fantastic start, and yet still tries to make the perfect shot with no margin for error. He did it on 6, 8 and 11, all resulting in bogey. When will he learn? And when will I learn to never pick him to win again until he actually does it? This may well be the day.


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