Why I don’t care about the Olympics

I’ve been waiting to write exactly what the title suggests, but found that the Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins pretty much summed up everything I could’ve ever hoped to include — and then some. And then some more.

And more. 

Jenkins is a brilliant writer and is something of an authority when it comes to the Olympics, so what she writes and says should be taken as gospel on the subject. She lays it out smartly, and with warts and all. If you want to know why I could care less about the “Redeem Team” or anything else Olympic, it’s all here.

Be sure to check back here after NBC does one of those warm and fuzzy infomercials they classify as “features” and remind yourself that it’s all a money-making sham.

And also remember, if a country which seems to specialize in human rights atrocities can be awarded the Olympics, you can figure there is little hope for it ever getting any better.

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