Oh no, Jordan gets an extra draft pick

I wrote just yesterday how much I enjoy the NBA Draft. And then this comes across the AP wire:

Bobcats obtain 20th pick from Nuggets

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — The Charlotte Bobcats acquired the No. 20 pick in the NBA draft on Wednesday from the Denver Nuggets.

The Bobcats sent the Nuggets a future protected first-round pick, and now have two picks in the first round, including the ninth overall pick.

The move could give Charlotte an option to take both a big man and a point guard in the draft, two areas of need. The Bobcats were impressed with Georgetown center Roy Hibbert when he worked out for the team earlier this month. Hibbert is expected to go late in the first round.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, noooooooooooooooooooo! 

A future protected first-round pick? OK, so usually those are the kinds of picks where if the Bobs end up with a top 3 pick, they keep it. But still. Considering that Charlotte has never even sniffed the playoffs, meaning they’ll probably be in the lottery again real soon, giving up first-round picks is darn near crazy. This isn’t like the Hornets trade today, where they shipped the 27th pick away to Portland. The Hornets are among the best teams in the NBA. They’re almost guaranteed a late pick. Charlotte’s not.

And the worst part? Yeah, Hibbert. Roy Freaking Hibbert? The same Roy Freaking Hibbert who scored a whopping six points in the NCAA Tournament against Davidson? That Roy Freaking Hibbert? The one who can’t run up and down the floor in college, and he’s gonna be a great pro? 

Michael Jordan, by hiring Larry Brown as his coach, wants to win right now. So OK, the Bobcats may finish eighth in the Eastern Conference this season, make the playoffs, get bounced in the first round, and find themselves with another good draft pick. Only they gave it away.

For maybe Roy Hibbert. 

So the Bobcats could have a team with Emeka Okafor, Hibbert, Gerald Wallace, Jason Richardson (who could be traded Thursday — cross your fingers) and Raymond Felton, with Jared Dudley, Matt Carroll, whomever the No. 9 pick turns out the be (which will likely be a point guard), The Artist Formerly Known as Adam Morrison and The Artist Formerly Known as Sean May. Talk about a herky-jerky team. You’ve got guys who want to run (Wallace, J-Rich, Felton and maybe D.J. Augustin from Texas) and guys who can’t (everybody else).

Sounds like Jordan’s Wizards teams that he put together, which, by the way, were dreadful. They were bad even with Jordan, who may have helped Washington to more wins, but never got them into the playoffs.

The scariest part to the Bobcats getting a second pick is that Jordan will get to choose two players this time around (Kwame Brown, Morrison, hiring Sam Vincent as coach). And by the time he’s finally run out of town (Incompetence can only last so long, no matter what your name is. Then again, Kevin McHale still has a job.), Charlotte will probably get to watch the first round of a future draft from the sidelines.

Which is probably where Roy Freaking Hibbert will be.


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2 responses to “Oh no, Jordan gets an extra draft pick

  1. Fisher

    Wow, the 9th pick and the 20th pick? Does this mean the Bobcats might pull a Double Lopez? That would be exciting, but then it creates the quandary: which Lopez jersey do I buy?

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