Brimming with questions (and answers)

My column was brimming with questions. Here are some answers.

Remember when an ACL tear was a devastating blow to an athlete’s career? Think Tiger Woods and Philip Rivers believe otherwise?

I was amazed when I found out Rivers played the AFC Championship with a torn ACL. But that was one game. Woods has been walking miles and miles — and winning and winning — for 10 months.

Carlos Zambrano’s minor shoulder strain isn’t foreshadowing another demoralizing Cubs’ collapse, right? Right? RIGHT?

I can’t talk about this right now. Next.

If the Kansas City Royals can sweep the St. Louis Cardinals in Busch Stadium, why can’t the Boston Red Sox beat the Cards in Fenway?

The NL Central will be a three-team race (Milwaukee’s a-comin’) in September. I’ve ordered a lifetime supply of Maalox.

If Kobe Bryant is the second coming of Michael Jordan, then how come his team blew a 24-point lead in an NBA Finals game?

Because he ain’t Jordan. Never was, never will be. End of discussion.

Why would Penguins star Evgeni Malkin turn the Russian league down?

$12.5 million tax-free. That’s the offer.

Does the PGA Tour matter now?

At the British and PGA, yes, kinda. Everywhere else? No.

Why doesn’t ESPN give Erin Andrews her own private jet and fly her to be the sideline reporter at every ESPN broadcoast?

No male has an answer for this one, nor does want to give one. Just make it happen.

Why is Roger Federer’s career considered in a nosedive when he gets blasted in the finals on his worst surface by perhaps the greatest clay court player tennis has ever seen?

This won’t even be on the radar in a fortnight.

Did anybody else hear Kevin Garnett, in the middle of his post-Finals interview with ABC’s Michelle Tofoya, say, “Michelle, you look good tonight”? And did anybody else hear Garnett’s analogy of getting the “never-won-a-championship” monkey off his back to confronting the school bully? How can anyone not like Garnett, but love Kobe?

Good question. (Careful on the “bully” link, which features some strong language.)

If a columnist like’s Jemele Hill gets suspended for a politically incorrect line in her column, does her editor get suspended, too?

I want to know the answer to this one.

Why won’t they bring Vanilla Coke Zero back?

Because I like it.

Why was the amateur baseball draft televised?

Because Peter Gammons said so?

How much pressure does NASCAR, with its fat TV contract, put on several Sprint Cup drivers to appear in Nationwide Series races? There’s got to a be a reason why these guys keep criss-crossing the country at small-time tracks, right? It can’t all be about the money drivers are making, right? 

Seriously, the only reason anybody watches these races is because half the field is well-known. And NASCAR has to keep that happening.

Remember when the Carolina Panthers thought signing David Carr to a two-year deal was a good idea?

Don’t remind me.

How soon will the NBA team that drafts Roy Hibbert next week regret its decision? By the weekend? Next month? 

Not soon enough.

The fact that a guy like Jim Thome can’t do anything but pinch-hit in games played at Wrigley Field suggests how one-dimensional a DH is, doesn’t it? So if you wouldn’t be good enough to play on at least half of the teams in the league, why wouldn’t there be questions regarding the Hall of Fame credentials of a career DH?

I’m not saying the DH needs to go away or that somebody like Edgar Martinez shouldn’t be considered for the Hall. But there are justifiable concerns.

Did you know that Michelle Wie is ranked 200th in the world — in women’s golf? And did you know she made the cut this week in the LPGA Tour event?

Let’s all hope she can make a Jennifer Capriati-like comeback and win someday.

Would anybody in their right mind bet that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will stay retired?

Um, he’s a boxer. See Foreman, George.

Who lives a better life? Top-flight race horses or homeless people?

Can we get our priorites straight, please?

Why would a baseball general manager have a radio show?

Only bad things could happen.

Remember when senior tour golf was televised live?

…and the NBA finals were not?

Has it ever rained this much in Omaha?

Probably, but never with the Tar Heels in town.

So Chipper Jones is actually human?

Yes. Nobody’s ever hitting .400 again.

When will Dale Earnhardt Jr. win again?

Probably soon, but what else is everybody gonna talk about?

When will I get some answers?



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3 responses to “Brimming with questions (and answers)

  1. Thanks for sharing those, interesting to see the responses you got

  2. Versacegirlll

    If Floyd’s ring performance hasn’t proved that he is exceptionally intelligent for a boxer then your opinion doesn’t count for much anyways… I believe he has reached a level of financial reinvestment that will always bring him more of a return than he could ever get from boxing… In the worlds of Chris Rock “If Bill Gates woke up and had Oprah’s bank account he’d kill himself” Floyd is striving to be wealthy…not rich.

  3. designatedhitter

    Re: Floyd — all can be true — or it may not. This is one where the jury will remain out for a while.

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