Ramblin’ on about Kenny Perry, MMA, hockey and more

A few notes while wondering how long before St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Todd Wellemeyer realizes he’s really Todd Wellemeyer and stops pitching like Cy Young…

After winning the Memorial for the third time, Kenny Perry let it be known that he will skip the U.S. Open sectional qualifier to play at the PGA Tour stop in Memphis, with hopes of earning more points toward making the U.S. Ryder Cup team.

Perry is 47 and says that the 36-hole pressure-cooker of the Open sectional is too much for him physically. That and he doesn’t really like Torrey Pines, where the Open will be played in two weeks. And since the Ryder Cup will be played in his home state of Kentucky, he’d like the opportunity of being both a national and hometown hero in an effort to bring the Cup back to the U.S.

Well, OK, but if the Open is too much for Perry to bear, it’s hard to think the Ryder Cup wouldn’t be. It’s nice to see a guy pick a team event for an individual honor, but at fifth in the Ryder Cup standings just a few months before the cutoff point in September, can’t Perry at least try to do both?

If Perry does make the U.S. team and doesn’t play well, we might know why…

There’s nothing quite like the waning minutes of a 1-goal game in the Stanley Cup finals. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins tied Game 5 with 34.3 seconds left with their net unattended, but the tension in Joe Louis Arena was palpable since the 10-minute mark, with fans counting down to the Cup. 

Overtime was even better — all three of them.

This is why it’s so tragic what has happened to hockey over the last few years. Those moments were as good as any in sports, and so few saw them…

So the mixed martial arts world earned a big fat TV rating on a real life national network on CBS over the weekend. 

But in-the-know MMA fans will tell you that Kimbo Slice’s victory over Bleeding Cauliflower Ear Guy isn’t exactly what the sport is all about. Most MMA people have said over the last couple of days that the event staged on CBS was comparable to Double-A baseball.

I don’t have anything against MMA or UFC. I prefer boxing and always will, but I don’t begrudge new sports or take an ivory tower approach to them. But this, with the dude’s ear, was set up simply to be bloodsport. With what real MMA fans are saying today, there is far more skill at higher levels of the sport. 

That said, I think it’s wise to remember that the XFL got a huge TV rating its first week on the air…

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt had an insane 100-meter performance this weekend, becoming the new World’s Fastest Man when he set a new world record of 9.72.

Dazzling, I guess. But in our post-BALCO world, it’s hard to believe any track number. Especially one that comes from a guy who’s previously only run five 100s in competition and is primarily a 200-meter runner.

Sorry, Usain. That’s just the world we live in now, drug-free tests or not…

Somebody explain to me how Kobe Bryant doesn’t average at least 35 points a game in the NBA Finals…

The Chicago Cubs have the best record in baseball. And it’s past April 3…

Fans really want to see a Triple Crown horse. Honestly, they do. How else can you explain the heartfelt fervor over the painful deaths of Barbaro and Eight Belles?

It’s been 30 years since horse racing had a Triple Crown winner. But it looks like it should be less than 3 minutes from happening Saturday when Big Brown enters the starting gate at the Belmont.

But Big Brown trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. is making it real hard to get some fans excited. 

Since the Kentucky Derby landed Big Brown on the sports map, Dutrow has been boasting like Apollo Creed. Sure, his horse has backed his bluster up, but it’s getting a little old.

Dutrow went so far last week as saying a Big Brown win at the Belmont, despite a cracked hoof, was a “foregone conclusion.”

He added: “I can’t imagine what I’m going to feel like when they turn for home,” he said. “I just can’t imagine. I know that it’s going to be a beautiful picture for us. I know our horse is just … he’s just in a zone and I see his competition, that turning for home something is going to come over the crowd. So, I can’t wait.”

Look pal, there are two things American sports fans like to see in their champions:

Dominance (Check), and

Humility (Uh-oh).

What happens when a winner does one without the other?

See example: Busch, Kyle.


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