An emotional time for Southern Lee’s football staff

Southern Lee has a new football coach.

The Lee County Board of Education signed off on Southern Lee’s recommendation to hire Bill Maczko on Tuesday to replace Bryan Lee, who resigned in March to move closer to his family in southern Illinois.

Maczko has served as the Cheraw, S.C., linebackers coach for the last four seasons, all of which ended in the state championship game. The Braves have won the last two 2-A state titles in South Carolina, and it’s clear from speaking with school officials that Maczko’s experience at the championship level had a lot to do with his hiring.

Maczko made it through a pool of 20 applicants and two rounds of interviews to get the job. He emerged as the top candidate from a group of three finalists, the other two of which were current Southern Lee football staff members, offensive coordinator Mike Short and defensive coordinator Mike Sartain.

Southern Lee has achieved a rather large amount of success in a short amount of time. When it comes to young programs, they are the aberration, the anti-Carrboro. The Cavaliers have very rarely been blown out and already have a state playoff win under their belts. Short and Sartain, as coordinators, had a hand in that success.

There is a sense surrounding the hire that there could be some raw feelings about the situation. Surely that’s understandable. Three guys wanting the same job working on the same staff. The staff may be much different come August, or it may not. It’s hard to tell, and honestly, that’s up to each man to decide. And it would be hard to argue with whatever decision is made by each individual.

Very few of us were in the room as each candidate was interviewed. Very few of us have any idea how each performed, and really, how each stacks up when compared to each other. 

Of course, it won’t feel that way once the subject is brought up on an Internet message board somewhere, which undoubtedly has already happened. 

Is this the right hire for Sanford, and for Southern Lee? Time will tell. 

Let’s hope we’ll let it.


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2 responses to “An emotional time for Southern Lee’s football staff

  1. Terry T

    You’re absolutely right Alex. Time will tell and I certainly hope we let it.

    I’ll be the first to admit that all I could think of while this long, overly drawn out process of hiring a new head coach was going on was, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Meaning, hire from within and keep the momentum going with the majority of the coaching staff that has had success, intact.

    I’m disappointed that Coach Sartain and Coach Short were both turned down for the head coaching job at Southern Lee. Both of these guys have given their all to help the Cavalier football program achieve success and either would have made a fine head coach.

    I don’t know whether they will decide to stay or pursue other opportunities that may be presented to them. I do know this. Both gentlemen have the best interest of Southern Lee Football at heart and will continue to be professional, caring coaches and teachers to those athletes in their charge, while they are at Southern Lee and work with Coach Maczko to prepare the Cavaliers for the upcoming season and hopefully, many seasons to come.

    Now that a decision has been made, I hope that we as fans, parents and boosters, will welcome Coach Maczko with open arms and support his efforts to build on the successful foundation that Coach Lee, Coach Sartain and Coach Short, have put in place over the last three years.

    Again, only time will tell and I hope we let it.

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