A new low in the Clemens steriod saga

Back when the Roger Clemens/Brian McNamee steroids and HGH story blew up, we knew it would get ugly well before it ever got resolved.

One would’ve thought the ugliest high point (low point?) would have been congressional discussion of a “palpable mass” on Clemens’ buttocks, but things sank to a new depth on Monday.

In a report filed by McNamee’s attorney, allegations have been raised of a decade-long extramarital affair between Clemens and country singer … well, former country singer Mindy McCready.

Because Clemens filed a defamation lawsuit against McNamee a few weeks after McNamee’s claims came to light in baseball’s Mitchell Report, Mac’s representation is saying that “all is fair game”. Evidently that includes personal mudslinging of Canseco-like proportions.

McCready has been such a train wreck since the years following her platinum-selling debut “Guys Do It All the Time” that she makes Britney Spears look like a choir girl. And now Clemens is mixed up into all of this.

It wasn’t very long ago, a mere three months, in fact, when our first thought upon hearing the name Roger Clemens was “Hall of Famer.” Or maybe, “Legend”.

We may never know for sure whether Clemens doped or not, but his reputation for flirting with and possibly using steroids has landed him on the first ballot of the Hall of Shame — right next to Brian McNamee.

If that’s not enough to keep anybody away from touching performance-enhancing drugs, then there’s no hope.

And it can only get worse.


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4 responses to “A new low in the Clemens steriod saga

  1. Brian Joura

    I don’t care if Clemens took steroids or if he didn’t. But fooling around with a teenager is about as bad as it gets. That’s much more shameful than taking a product in an attempt to get better results at your job.

  2. designatedhitter

    I wasn’t necessarily ranking Clemens’ discretions. Of course his involvement with an underage teenager is reprehensible. My main point is that none of this comes to light if Clemens had made better decisions during his career. Sure, we could say that about a lot of people, not just pro athletes, but Rocket obviously got mixed up with the wrong trainer.

  3. Brian Joura

    You think the problem is the trainer? I guess I can see that line of thinking if the ultimate thought is that Clemens did not use any PEDs. Clemens has been very consistent in his denials; he just has not been persuasive.

  4. designatedhitter

    I think Clemens’ problem is his association with shady people and his association with PEDs. Don’t go down those unpaved paths and none of this comes out. In other words, don’t act high and mighty about your position in the game when you’re cheating the game, and don’t file defamation lawsuits when you know you’ve already screwed up. It’s the whole skeletons in the closet thing. When he filed the lawsuit, he had to know that he had some personal shadows, and that they might come out.

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