Pacman and Dallas — Bad Idea

You hear some things about Dallas.

You hear stories. And among them includes the high volume of strip clubs within the Dallas metro area. Maybe it’s nothing more than any other American city, but you know what they say about Texas…

There was something else about Dallas on Wednesday. The Cowboys, America’s (Most Wanted) Team in the 1990s, reached a deal to acquire Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones.

Jones has been suspended for the last year by the NFL for his various scrapes with the law, the most damning of which came in a shooting at a Las Vegas strip club that left a bouncer paralyzed.

Jones has yet to file for reinstatement into the league, meaning he won’t be donning the star-adorned helmet quite yet.

But when he does, he could be an electrifying football player who might be enough to help the Cowboys actually win a playoff game, something they haven’t done in 11 years.

He may also be the worst acquisition in the history of football. It’s too early to say.

But for a guy, who, after his 11th run-in with police, commented on ESPN that he sees nothing wrong with “scrip clubs,” let’s just say the odds of him getting quickly reacquainted with police procedure could be at an all-time high in his new home.

Pacman and Dallas? Really? Isn’t this like trading Chris Washburn to a team in Bogota, Colombia? Isn’t this like sending Gilbert Brown with a gift certificate to Golden Corral? Trading John Rocker to the Harlem Globetrotters?

This is not going to end well.

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One response to “Pacman and Dallas — Bad Idea

  1. Brian Joura

    My team is the Vikings and throughout their history, they have had numerous troubles with players and alcohol. Fred Smoot and the boat cruise was but one of many incidents with this team. But if the Vikings decided not to get players who ever got into trouble with alcohol or who ever had too much to drink, they wouldn’t be able to field a team. Given their history, it’s fine if they give their players a short leash (the Vikings did just that with ex NCSU star Koren Robinson, who was immediately picked up by Green Bay when the Vikings cut him). But it’s not realistic to expect a team not to acquire players who have troubled pasts. Football is a violent sport and many of the participants have violent pasts. Is Pacman going to work out in Dallas? I have no idea. But I do know that if Dallas hadn’t added him, one of the other teams in the NFL would have taken him on. But I do hope he has a zero-tolerance clause in his contract.

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