Stephen Curry Strikes Again

For a while, Michael Flowers did all he could do, and he was doing it pretty well.

But as we’re finding out with each stunning victory, the only way to stop Stephen Curry is if he’s stopping himself by having a bad night shooting night.

Flowers, the Wisconsin guard known for his perimeter defense charged with trying to slow Curry, took some great angles in the halfcourt set to keep up with Curry as he was darting around screens. 

Still, it wasn’t enough.

Curry made three early 3-pointers and there was no question that Davidson was going to, at the very least, be in the game with third-seeded Wisconsin the entire way. The Badgers had to try to end the Wildcats’ dream season by making it tough for them in the early going and take away their confidence.

But Curry hit some early shots, and maybe more importantly, Jason Richards hit a couple of shots, Max Paulhus Gosselin had a couple of hustle plays and Andrew Lovedale shook off two early fouls to be more than just capable in the paint for the third straight NCAA game. 

Like the Gonzaga game, this was a well-played basketball game — in the first half. But then Curry went on another one of his patented scoring binges and Wisconsin couldn’t keep on keeping up. Curry finished with 33 points — he’s averaging 34.3 points per game in the NCAAs — and outscored Wisconsin 22-20 in the second half.

So can the Wildcats keep it up, even if they have to play Kansas? Probably not, but who would’ve thought they’d be this far? And remember, Davidson hasn’t exactly beaten slouches in the tournament, beating an often-ranked Gonzaga team, a top-10 Georgetown team that was one of the top five defensive teams in the country and a Wisconsin team that, well, had all the attributes of Georgetown. 

It also has the same number of losses to Davidson.


Texas was pretty much in control the entire time against Stanford, effectively taking the Cardinal out of what it likes to do. Stanford had a  hard time figuring out the Longhorns’ defense, and Rick Barnes’ going to three guards saved D.J. Augustin for Sunday’s game. 


Do you think Kansas coach Bill Self will feel even more pressure to get to the Final Four now that he has to go through Davidson to get there? Normally you would want to play the “lesser” team instead of the heavyweight. But wouldn’t Jayhawks’ fans go crazy if Davidson beats them?


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