I Hate My Bracket

I filled out a bracket, and already I hate it.


This happens to me every year. I print it out, I start writing first-round winners — and then I get stuck.


This year is no different. There are looming upsets everywhere. Everywhere. Except how do you pick them? 

If Michigan State can get past Pitt, don’t you think Tom Izzo can find a way to beat Memphis? But do you make the pick?


How dangerous is North Carolina’s bracket? What if it’s Indiana in the second round? D.J. White could limit Tyler Hansbrough and Eric Gordon could hit seven 3-pointers, and boom, the Heels are gone. And if not Indiana, what about Notre Dame? But couldn’t George Mason stun Notre Dame in the first round? And can Tennessee shoot well enough to win six times? Yes, but…


Xavier could beat Duke, right? Or maybe not. And won’t Kansas stub its toe somewhere? But where? Against Wisconsin? Or before that, will Vandy get them? Or Clemson?


I look at this NCAA Tournament bracket and I think two things — either this thing is going absolutely according to chalk and all of the higher seeds are going to win, or it will be so bloodied after the first weekend that the guy who gets his wife to pick the bracket based on team mascots will come away with winning the office pool again.


Which, I guess, is how it is every year.


Anyway, my first time looking through the bracket, I ended up with Memphis, UCLA, Tennessee and Wisconsin in the Final Four and UCLA beating Tennessee in the championship. 


I think, though, that’s just a rough draft.


I think.

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