The Bad Newz Falcons

Just how bad of a year have the Atlanta Falcons had?

First, before training camp even opens, their face of the franchise, possibly even the face of the NFL this side of Peyton Manning, Michael Vick, is accused of dogfighting. He later pleads guilty to the crime and is currently in federal prison.

If that wasn’t bad enough, 13 weeks into the season, their coach, Bobby Quitrino, err, Petrino quits to become the head coach for the SEC’s seventh-best program, Arkansas.

Petrino was such a case that he didn’t even resign face-to-face with the owner or to his team, calling Arthur Blank with the news and leaving the team a typed letter.

And now, just hours after it was first reported that the Falcons were closing to signing Bill Parcells to be vice president and director of football operations, the deal falls through.

And to make matters worse, Parcells seems now to be leaning toward taking the same position with the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins!

It’s almost as if Parcells, who has several times turned reclamation projects into top-tier NFL programs, thought that, “Hey, the Falcons may be bad, but the Dolphins are worse. I rather work my magic there!”

What’s next? The Georgia Dome being revealed that it’s made of asbestos?

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