Where else could A-Rod land?

Here are a few more possible destinations for A-Rod:

1). Los Angeles Dodgers

Deep pockets for sure, and L.A. likes stars, even the ones who don’t want to be there (Kobe Bryant, anyone?).

And with Joe Torre apparently on his way to Chavez Ravine, A-Rod could land there in a safe, comfortable spot. And how great of a market is L.A.? It offers all of the big-deal amenities but is “out there” on the west coast. Sure, A-Rod would still generate a lot of attention in LaLa Land, but it wouldn’t be to the same extent as it was in New York. It just wouldn’t. The “East Coast Bias” is a real thing.

Still, you have to wonder. While Torre and A-Rod seemed to get along fine, you never got the idea that they were downright chummy. Torre didn’t always immediately leap to A-Rod’s defense like he would for Derek Jeter, and there was that little thing of dropping A-Rod to eighth in the order in the 2006 playoffs against the Red Sox.

2). San Francisco Giants

Again, more deep pockets (detecting a theme, anyone?). And without The Artist Formerly Known As Barry Bonds there anymore, the Giants have both the financial wherewithal and the need for star power to lure A-Rod.

To be honest, this might be the best fit. But the Giants are fresh off paying Barry Zito a zillion dollars for being something less than mediocre, and they may be a tad wary to commit so much to another guy.

3). Florida Marlins

This is a long shot, and seems only likely should the Marlins decide to wow A-Rod like the Texas Rangers did originally. (Again, this is the Scott Boras Effect: you only hire Boras as your agent to get you as much money as possible. Don’t think for a second that “A-Rod” and “Hometown Discount” are anything but mutually exclusive.)

But owner Jeffrey Loria likes making money — he made more than any other owner last year, a lot more — and rarely spends it, choosing instead to contend every five years or so by drafting and trading well.

But the Marlins could conceivably pull this off because they are so young and, well, cheap. Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla, Miguel Cabrera (if A-Rod tries shortstop again) are all good and underpaid right now.

Adding A-Rod would also go a long way to getting the Marlins that new ballpark they’re dying to build. Remember, Rodriguez is from Miami. New ballpark usually means new money, and lots of it. Loria would like that, too.


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