Go away Boston

When I was about 5 years old, my family and I went to a county fair somewhere, and my dad actually won one of those basketball shooting games where the rims seem smaller than the balls.

Anyway, when he won, he had his choice of NBA team pennants. And even though I was Dr. J kid, Dad asked for the Boston Celtics pennant. I remember being a tad miffed, by Dad was clear. The Celtics had just drafted some guy with the goofy name of Larry Bird, and that I would understand one day.

I still have the pennant, though it’s not on a wall anymore, but in a box. And I understand fully.

That said, I’m tired of Boston sports.

I can’t stand it anymore. Not the Red Sox or the Patriots. The Bruins don’t matter and the Celtics, to me, haven’t been the same since Reggie Lewis collapsed and died (though that may change with KG in green).
I’m just tired of the hype. I know, I know, the Pats and the Sox are crazy good. I get it. I just don’t want to hear it anymore. It’s too much.

And it goes deeper than the Sox trying to perpetuate how nasty the Yankees are when they are really just Yankees Lite. (Go check the highest payrolls in baseball for the last five years. Yeah, the Yanks are crazy, but Boston isn’t that far behind. And who wanted A-Rod the most before the Yanks got him? Yeah, Boston. And who’s so childish that they try to forget that fact by blistering A-Rod every chance they get? Yeah, Boston).

It’s the bandwagon fans that get me. (And believe me, if there’s a fan base that can sniff out the bandwagoners, it’s Cubs fans.) All of those fake “Oh, I can remember when we were cursed” fans. Except these are the people wearing green Sox hats and pink jerseys. Look closely this week and during the World Series. When you see a Boston hat, check it out. I bet it looks less than a few months old.

And the Pats? They’re just insufferable. Historically good, yes. But insufferable just the same.

Enough already.

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